The Haunt on the Island of Esmer

My new fantasy novel is out and available at Amazon in paperback or Kindle.

It’s taken me … years, I guess, to write it. It depends on when you start counting.

Get your copy here on Amazon.

I’m rather happy with the cover, though I know it isn’t what most fantasy book covers look like these days. I despise AI art. It makes me physically ill to look at it. This is a painting of mine on linen paper which I then worked up as a cover.

I’m already at work on the sequel.


I wrote a long story about a vampire pirating a whaling ship en route to Antarctica to search for the proto-vampire buried in the ice there, circa WWI.

It’s not for everyone. Purposefully heavy, over-the-top, romantic-era prose mixed with Lovecraft.

The audio rights were purchased by Creepypod and made into a teleplay/podcast.

Here is the link:

Creepypod Interregnum

Sci Phi Journal publishes my story, “A Better U”

I wrote a short story called, “A Better U” not too long ago.

It’s very short, easy to read, flash fiction; the type of piece I don’t object to people reading on their cell phones.

The Sci Phi Journal describes themselves like this:

Sci Phi Journal is a cosy waystation for travellers who, through no fault of their own, find themselves at the cosmic intersection between speculative philosophy, cultural anthropology and hard SF.”

They are based in Europe, various locations.

As always, I was surprised they wanted to pay me for words. With Euros, no less. As always, I was thankful.

Some people have told me, “Justin, you have the heart of a Belgian cyber-punk. You know that?”

Here is their site: Sci Phi Journal

Here is a link directly to my piece: A Better U

Published in Bacopa Literary Review

I have a recent humor piece published in the upcoming Bacopa Literary Review 2020. It’s called, “Excerpts from the Classified Ads Section of Esoteric Creatures Monthly Magazine.”

It’s a magazine based out of Gainesville, FL and the literary journal for the Gainesville Writer’s Alliance.

It’s a short humor piece imagining classified ads written by monsters like puppets and killer clowns. Here’s an excerpt:

Mummy Requires History Lessons/Van with Tinted Windows

Listing is for two distinct tasks with preference given to applicant who can perform both.

First, I require an expert to discern my provenance and name. Exhibit label reads: Unknown Mummy, 100BCE-151BCE.

I don’t think this is correct.

Applicant must be able to read hieroglyphs, Greek and Hieratic script. Degree from institution of higher learning preferred. Field experience in archaeology with corresponding immunity to ancient curses a huge asset.

Second, I require safe transport from museum grounds where I am currently located.

A little bit about the employer:

Recently, I awakened to find myself imprisoned in a museum display. I wander the darkened corridors at night, various bandages rapidly deteriorating, especially around armpit area and groin. Be aware, I walk very slowly in a halting step. Must be able to distract or neutralize security guard who works night shift. New guard is cagey, as I accidentally strangled the former one.

Museum of Fine Arts. Massachusetts.

A link to the Editor’s Blog for the Bacopa Literary Journal is here.

Paintings at Design Plus, Hyatt Regency, Miami Art Week (Basel)

I’m happy to announce three of my paintings will be exhibited at the Design Plus event at the Hyatt Regency hotel during Art Week in downtown Miami, Florida.

This is the schedule of events if you are in the area:

Thursday, December 5th: 10 am-1 pm there is a Private Preview Brunch

Thursday, December 5th to Saturday, December 7th: 10 am-8 pm

The show finishes up on Sunday at 4 pm

Short Story, “Log” published in Dark Moon Digest Issue 37

My short horror piece, “Log” is published in Dark Moon Digest, Issue 37.

It’s a quarterly horror magazine from the small press Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing out of Texas. Each issue publishes short fiction and nonfiction as well.

Honestly, I didn’t think I would find a publisher for this piece. It’s experimental in terms of design and layout, and the subject matter is fairly dark. What actually happens is left up to the imagination of the reader and can be interpreted many different ways.

That’s where I think horror really works to its fullest strength– in the imagination. Sure, you can just write vivid descriptions of brutality, decadence and the grotesque, but the stories that have always stuck with me are the ones where the terror is left up to the reader/viewer to fully fathom on their own.

Consider picking up an issue of the magazine, or even something by them which I’m not a part of. I find it restorative to hold printed pages in my hand, instead of my phone. It’s also a fine thing to support a small business and small press.

My story, “New Ownership” is acquired and produced by The No Sleep Podcast

Good news. The well-respected No Sleep Podcast purchased one of my stories, recently. Their policy is to ask for writers not to announce until the work is produced and available.

So, I learned this in early August but kept quiet. I think it’s a good policy on their part.

Feels great to have such a talented pool of voice actors, editors and musicians bring this story to life in audio format. The tale itself is about a man who is struggling with a growing mold in his apartment. The new owners don’t seem to be intent on helping him, but instead on cultivating the mold itself…and praying to it.

You can check it out here.


Miami Art Week 2019

Happy to announce I already have 3 paintings selected for the DAC show during Miami Art week this coming December. More details on the name of the show, location, etc later in the year. Maybe this year I will head over to Miami and attend.