Sci Phi Journal publishes my story, “A Better U”

I wrote a short story called, “A Better U” not too long ago.

It’s very short, easy to read, flash fiction; the type of piece I don’t object to people reading on their cell phones.

The Sci Phi Journal describes themselves like this:

Sci Phi Journal¬†is a cosy waystation for travellers who, through no fault of their own, find themselves at the cosmic intersection between¬†speculative philosophy, cultural anthropology and hard SF.”

They are based in Europe, various locations.

As always, I was surprised they wanted to pay me for words. With Euros, no less. As always, I was thankful.

Some people have told me, “Justin, you have the heart of a Belgian cyber-punk. You know that?”

Here is their site: Sci Phi Journal

Here is a link directly to my piece: A Better U