Short Story, “Log” published in Dark Moon Digest Issue 37

My short horror piece, “Log” is published in Dark Moon Digest, Issue 37.

It’s a quarterly horror magazine from the small press Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing out of Texas. Each issue publishes short fiction and nonfiction as well.

Honestly, I didn’t think I would find a publisher for this piece. It’s experimental in terms of design and layout, and the subject matter is fairly dark. What actually happens is left up to the imagination of the reader and can be interpreted many different ways.

That’s where I think horror really works to its fullest strength– in the imagination. Sure, you can just write vivid descriptions of brutality, decadence and the grotesque, but the stories that have always stuck with me are the ones where the terror is left up to the reader/viewer to fully fathom on their own.

Consider picking up an issue of the magazine, or even something by them which I’m not a part of. I find it restorative to hold printed pages in my hand, instead of my phone. It’s also a fine thing to support a small business and small press.